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Day 1: Create & Challenge

Start your camp with creativity and team building at Capital E! First up, it’s exploring Virtual Reality in MediaLab. Next up, City Gallery WellingtonJoin the gallery educators for a Mural Tour and Screenprinting Workshop. Create a screenprint inspired by what you have seen incorporating kupu Māori.  

Day 2: Protest & Demonstrate

Start your day at Wellington Museum, which gives students the chance to connect the past, present, and future. In our Protest and Action programmestudents reflect on the driving factors behind social changeand contemporary issues. After lunch, it’s on to Capital E’s OnTV where your class will create their own TV show!

Day 3: Tour & Explore

Take the Cable Car up to Space Place, where your students will discover the collection of telescopes in a Telescope Tour. Eat a packed lunch in always beautiful Botanic Gardens.  Next up, Nairn Street CottageThe cottage is a 30 minute walk from Space Place. Here your students can explore Waves of Migrationwith a guided visit of the Wallis family home

Stay up late with City Gallery Wellington and enjoy our changing programme of art, music, film, and talks. On the first Thursday of every month.

Take yourself beyond the human with At Thresholds and explore humanity’s place within the multispecies.  

Experts Respond: Science & Art 


The artists of At Thresholds have pulled plants, fungi and animals into their creative orbit, creating artworks and narratives about them and the ecologies they exist in. But artists aren’t the only people with these interests and concerns. Whole disciplines - academic, scientific, activist - have grown around the lifeforms we share our world with.

Join us as invited experts respond to the themes of At Thresholds, and reflect on the artwork through the lens of their own perspectives at the threshold of other existences.

Exhibition Insights Tour: At Thresholds


Awaken your awareness of our shared world and our more-than-human co-habitants with an in-depth guided tour of At Thresholds.   

Explore the vibrant universe of lifeforms we are emmeshed amongst. Our talented guide will discuss the imaginative visual languages used by exhibiting artists in revealing the lives of the enigmatic organism who we share the planet with. Step to the threshold of their existence and destabilise the human-centred stories we tell ourselves about life.

The Future of Monuments

Today, many want to pull down war memorials as expressions of bad politics, especially those memorials that legitimise evil and injustice. Are there 'good' war memorials—and who decides? Can we make use of 'bad' war memorials? How do we understand miscellaneous contemporary war-memorial projects, like Peter Eisenman's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin and Ground Zero in New York, or Weta and Te Papa's The Scale of War and Peter Jackson 'colourising' World War I footage? What form could future memorials take?

Everyday Mysticism: Artists Respond 


Sculptor Glen Hayward’s practice brings the everyday into the gallery in profound and absurd ways. Reconsidering familiar objects is a concern shared by other artists. Join us as they discuss their practices and why they find commonplace objects compelling. 

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Thursday 6 October, 5-10pm | Koha


Exhibitions open


Exhibition Insights Tour: At Thresholds


Fish School: Collective Creativity


Experts Respond: Science & Art

Event Partners

Tuatara Open Late

Thurs 6 October, 5-10pm



Womb (live)


Take a step beyond the threshold and wander through a forest of sonorous subtleties with Wellington’s own indie-folk sibling trio Womb

Womb is a Pōneke-based band comprised of siblings Cello, Haz and Georgette. Rooted in folk while exploring the outer boundaries of atmospheric dream-pop, WOMB’s ethereal, genre-transcending music is a vortex of divergent influences enchanted by a supernatural sibling synergy — felt in the cascading screams of melancholia, swells of tenderly-caressed guitar, delay-drenched synthscapes and off-kilter percussion.

As always, our bar and galleries open at 5pm. There will be Tuatara beers, Seresin Estate wine, Taco Addicts food truck and tunes from RadioActive, DJ Japes.

Urn (Live)


Sonic artists Thomas Carroll (Ngati Maru, Hauraki) and Rob Tyler respond to the themes of Matarau. Fusing taonga pūoro and modular synthesis, they incorporate rongoā plants as a modulation source, to create works inspired by Māori philosophy, cosmology and experimental noise music.  

Womb (Live)


IMAGE Glen Hayward: Wish You Were Here City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi 2022. Photo Elias Rodriguez.

IMAGE City Gallery Wellington, 2022. Photo: Yuxin Liu

IMAGE Fiona Pardington Davis Kea Wings (above) 2015, pigment inks on Hahnemühle paper.
Courtesy the artist and Starkwhite, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.


Fish School: Collective Creativity


Go back to school with this collective hands-on making activity. Drop in throughout the night and learn how to create origami paper fish. Contribute to the bountiful menagerie of sea-life in a collective installation inspired by the enigmatic artworks in At Thresholds.